Maintenance Package


Get all the updates, backups, and monitoring for one low monthly price.

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WordPress requires a lot of care with updates and security monitoring. This package will take the burden away of keeping all components up to date and bug free, making sure your website always functions properly without broken links and the latest protection against hackers. All websites undergo  constant attacks from hackers around the world. These hackers include foreign governments, private corporations, and groups of individuals,  hacking for information to resell, or just wanting to bring down websites. An average website gets 122 cyber attacks a day. Cyber security is one of the most important growing business in our nation. Many of the software and applications to stop or warn about an attack need a human monitor to deal with the outcome of these attacks and stop your website from going down or being compromised. This package will notify me by phone when there is a hacking attempt before it turns into a breach, giving me time to shut off access to the hacker, or even shutting down the site if necessary.