In my pursuit to find a senior that will let me test them for my first Senior Tech Class on using Google search for first timers, I am finding difficulties convincing many that they can learn new tricks.

Many of the seniors I have interviewed at the senior apartment complex where I live insist they are too old to learn computers or the internet.  I feel my volunteer job is not going to be as easy as I thought.  Many of us learn that failure is a dead end and a sign that we are not to continue down a path if we fail. I myself, had to relearn what I was taught in school that I don’t have the concentration or aptitude for a particular subject or position when in fact I didn’t understand the subject or position. How can anyone determine what I could learn or not learn if I had no idea what the subject even meant.

It wasn’t until college where I received my first A grade in of all things, English. I was convinced that it was a mistake. So I stayed after class to talk to the professor and made sure everyone else left the class room so I would be embarrassed when he told me the grade was a mistake and I actually received a D- for trying. I was convinced the universe was in flux and I came out in some alternate reality when the instructor told me that my writing style has been published before, therefore he had to except it. And the information I wrote about was well  researched.

That moment made me realize that if I am passionate about something, I can learn and succeed!  This D- student kept getting A’s and B’s for the next few years and always remembered that one teacher saying, “You can do this”.

This memory is what motivates me to teach others what I found very hard to learn at first, can become easy if you are passionate or even stubborn about not giving up.

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